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Welcome to VR DanceSport

VR Dancesport” founded by Rajeswari Vaidyanathan, formally known as “Dancesport India” originally started in 2008 in Mumbai. It is one of the first schools in India to teach the authentic Dancesport style and syllabus recognized globally.

Rajeswari, an management graduate with over a decade of experience, gave up her high flying career, as a Senior Vice President of Yes Bank , to follow her heart, as a Latin Dancer, coach and mentor. She proved that success is not about vintage, when in a short span of time, she delivered not just for herself, but even her students, results that have taken other schools and trainers in India, decades to achieve.

Though a visionary and extremely strong willed, she is also very empathetic with a soft heart towards the needy. This perfect combination enables her to provide superior quality training to her students in a short time and at the same time expects nothing but the best from herself.

She has a vision for India in the Latin Ballroom category and is the 1st Indian to be directly trained with DanceSport Champions thus making her the only one to bring the international style of DanceSport and Latin to the country.

Rajeswari is also the official Indian Brand ambassador for Freedom to Dance International, U.K. She is also the official organizer of the annual National Level & State Level Championships under the banner Indian Dancesport Council (national affiliate of the World Dance Council) and Dance Sport Association of Maharashtra (DSAM). 



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Dance Form

We Teach

Most popular Club Dance form, originating from Cuba. We teach the L.A style.
jive dance classes
A North American Dance of pure fun. Brother of Rock N Roll and Swing. Once you start you cant stop.
bachata dance classes
One of the easiest and the most popular of the Club Dances. Soothing and groovy make it a perfect dance for distress.
cha cha dance classes
Cha Cha
A Cuban Cheeky dance form. Changes you as a dancer, being part of the DanceSport category. A fun dance at the social floor.
tango dance classes
The Argentine Tango is the most meditative of the dances, where the embrace takes you to a place of bliss. We teach the Ballroom Tango too!
bolly-latin dance classes
Bollwood Tadka to the Latin forms. Fusion of both worlds to give you a different experience!
solo dance classes
No partner No Problem ! Dance it alone as it strengthens your moves, techniques and posture and discover a new angle of independence!
samba dance classes
The Drum beats, will not let you stop dancing. Originating from Brazil this is the peppiest of all, signifying its mood of festivity and celebration.
rumba dance classes
The Dance of Love and technically one of the toughest! Again a Cuban form, steps are easy but the feel lies in its depth, that needs mastering. Addictive!

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Why Choose Us?

Dancing has become a style icon in India. Every person has some different style of accepting dance in their personal life, Some use for entertainment, career, health therapy and many more.

Better dancer in a Shorter Time

Being technically trained, we are able to provide you with a focussed learning environment. While you have fun you will be able to transform yourself into be better dancer in a shorter span of time. The training process can be totally customized to meet your requirement. We assure you to exceed your expectations when learning with us.

We continously update & train with World Champs

In VR DanceSport, our founder Rajeswari, strongly believes that to be truly the best, it is mandatory to be intensely trained and updated. She and her partner traines atleast 3 months in a year with the Top Asian and European coaches and World Champions ( the only couple in India to do so), to be able to bring in the best to you. This is the very reason, they not only claim, but are able to bring out the best from their students in the shortest time, thus giving you your money's worth.

Lead by Example

Again, being a true visionary and a leader, Rajeswari herself is involved in the training of the students. She gives personal attention to each and every student, even in the group classes and therefore, does not take beyond 10-15 people in a beginner batch. Her instructors are equally trained and under her continuous supervision and guidance to maintain the standards. She doesnot sit back, only training and expecting the students to dance, but herself shows them the way through her prolific dancing.

Focus on Quality than Quantity

In VR DanceSport while we teach you new steps, we also focus on transforming you into a better dancer. We lay your basic foundation on spins, musicality , movements, etc so strong that it lives with you even if you take a break for years. We believe that on the floor to show off, its how you dance matters as much as fancy steps.

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