Salsa Dance Classes in Mumbai – If you don’t know about Salsa Dance Classes, and you are searching for Best Salsa Dance Classes in Mumbai to learn how to perform international dance forms. Then, you are in the right place.

If you are looking for Private Salsa Dance Classes near your location, VR DanceSport provides best dance trainers for Salsa Dance form at your place. Our Salsa Dance Classes has 3 Levels Beginner (Level 1), Intermediate (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3). 

Best Salsa Dance Classes in Mumbai | South Mumbai

Salsa Dance originates from Cuba, Salsa is a way of socializing for the Cubans after a hard days work. 

Salsa is danced more in a circular fashion especially in large groups, which is called as Rueda, Here there is one Caller who calls out the steps and others in the circle need to follow. The Man who is Leader in each couple listens to the caller who calls out the names and leads his partner, the girl who follows her leader in stylish ways of hips and hand actions. The Spanish counts to dance on is the “un dos trescincoseisciente” in English means 123 567 

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Best Salsa Dance Classes Mumbai

The Americans learned the skills of salsa and popularized it around the world in 2 major style variations the LA Style and the NY Style. LA Style breaks on count 1 while the NY style breaks on 2. They changed the circular motion to a linear line of dance action where the follower travels in a straight line and not in cylindrical circular motion like the Cubans. The basic steps of salsa include the forward and back basic, side basics, cross body and right and left turns advancing into the inside and outside turns while doing cross body actions which further advances into complicated hand and turns combinations which are endless.

Best Salsa Classes in Mumbai

For Beginners of Salsa Dance Classes, it would take 2-3 months of twice a week dancing to understand and learn the timing, leading following and basic combinations to go on the social dance floor with some confidence and experience. Once this is achieved the next step to learn the advanced combos and styling. So all the Best and see you soon on the salsa dance floor. We are also known for best salsa classes in Andheri, Bachata Bandra Classes, Jive South Mumbai Classes 


We teach: LA Style & Cuban-style (“Casino”) Salsa
Our Beginner course includes 12 hours of training in three dance forms :

Cha Cha

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