Bollywood dance, as we all know, is famous and used in the Indian film industry. But it is accepted and enjoyed worldwide. Not only Indians but all around the world no one can stop themselves from grooving to the catchy beats of a Bollywood song. Bollywood doesn’t restrict us to a particular style of dance. It is very versatile as it includes a fusion of various dance forms like Kathak, Indian folk forms, belly dancing, bhangra, jazz and so many more.

Bollywood Dance Classes in Mumbai

We strive to give you this very versatility. Get ready to dance to various genres of songs with different styles of dancing. We ensure a lot of fun in our classes making you groove to the most popular songs both in recent and old times.

Well, Bollywood dance is a dif­fi­cult topic to discuss and explain be­cause it is hard to pin down on limited definitions and aspects.  Its exact definition, geographical distribution, and stylistic cha­rac­teristics are amorphous.  However, in spite of all of this, it is surprisingly very popular and has worldwide recognition.

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“Bollywood” refers to the Hindi culture, art, and film in­dus­try from leading metropolitan cities in our country mainly like Mumbai, Delhi, etc.  The other film centers of South Asia are often referred to by their own designations (e.g., Lollywood (Lahore), Tollywood (Andhra Pradesh)).  However, since the Bombay Hindi film in­dus­try dwarfs the other pro­duc­tions centers, the term “Bollywood” is generally extended to mean the en­tire South Asian film culture.

VRDanceSport conducts regular Bollywood Dance classes in Mumbai. Students can join the classes to learn Bollywood Dance as a popular dance form, to be able to perform on different Bollywood songs or just as a general fitness routine in its fitness version that we call BollySweat.

The international ap­peal of Bollywood dancing is something that has been many decades in the making.  Originally it was found only in places that had a significant consumption of In­dian films (i.e., Former Soviet Union, and the Middle East).  But a few years ago it started to become chic in Europe, and today it is rising in popularity in the US, and Canada.  Today, there are a lot of dance schools that teach this style may be found in most major cities.

But what is guaranteed and known worldwide is you will enjoy this dance form no matter what. and our company will up it a notch by giving you a lot of elements along with Bollywood dancing. So, get ready to tap your feet to all songs ranging from the ’70s to the most trending numbers.

Who doesn’t need a stress buster right? End your working day with a great evening full of fun and dance. So do enroll and get a chance to relieve yourselves and freshen up by our Bollywood fusion classes.

Bollywood Dance Style: Bollywood freestyle, Bollywood + Hip Hop and Bollywood + Classical. Bollywood continues to be our best-selling dance class format where guys and girls learn choreography from us. on latest Bollywood blockbuster songs. Bollywood dance classes at Mumbai include Bhangra and a little bit of folk and sometimes also a little bit of hip hop as that is what Bollywood dance is – a mix of various Indian and western dance forms!

Checkout our Bollywood Dance Classes timetable


>> Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 7 pm to 8 pm. Enrolling at BEGINNERS Level.

>> Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 10 am to 11 am enrolling at IMPROVERS Level. (ONLY LADIES BATCH)

>> Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 11 am to 12 pm. Enrolling at BEGINNERS Level. (ONLY LADIES BATCH)


>> Saturday, Sunday – 6:00pm to 7:00pm. BEGINNERS ENROLLING

>> Saturday, Sunday – 5:00pm to 6:00pm. IMPROVERS ENROLLING 

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