Dancing helps in straightening & extending the spine upright. If you have been suffering from backaches due to
slouching all the time, Latin & Ballroom Dancing can help you straighten out your back, correct your posture and maintain an ideal one, not to mention the health benefits of having a good posture.

Latin & Ballroom Dancing indeed is a great way to keep you body fit. It requires a lot of movement, control & engagement of every muscle of your body in isolation also. This leads to the burning of calories and fat in the body as well as toning and strengthening the muscles as you go on with your training lessons. While you learn to dance at the best dance classes in Mumbai, you also have fat loss with a boost in the metabolic rate.

Whether you are a corporate or a housewife you need to take a break from your mundane routine and stress relieve through the best possible way…Learn To Dance. While you focus on your lesson, enjoy the music and dance to the steps, you can help forget and leave behind the stressful thoughts of home and career. Gracefully moving your body to the soothing music is an absolute form of relaxation where you just let go of everything move to the music. Latin & Ballroom dancing is indeed an art that through which you can express yourself, specially when you do it with the best dance school in Mumbai.

Even if you do not aim to perform before a large crowd, being able to perform the dance steps and moves, can help boost your confidence. The more you are able to execute newer moves, the more you will believe in yourself that you can dance well. Latin & Ballroom Dancing is used in cardiac-rehabilitation programs, patients with Parkinson’s disease, cancer , obesity.

• Increases flexibility, strength, balance & muscle control • Soothing & expressive – stress relief • Helps develop back & core strength

• Increases knee & back strength • Adds to swiftness in movement • Increases tone & strength in arms & shoulder girdle

• Excellent for muscle strength, bone density • Cardio Vascular endurance • Respiratory volumes & capacities • Ankle & Knee muscle strength • Quadriceps & Leg strength

• Isolated hip actions, core & pelvic floor muscles • Balance & Coordination • Chest wall & respiratory muscle strength • Overall posture development

• Low back strength – due to the added anterior tilt of the pelvis • Excellent for Sacro-illiac joint health • Posture development • Aerobic burn calories   Emotional release of stress & anxiety… confidence building.

• Improves CV endurance for individuals with a sedantry lifestyle / lower activity levelSalsa • Improves CV endurance • Balance & Coordination • Stress Buster

• Improved Cardio-Vascular & Respiratory endurance • Weight loss / Weight Control • Improved Balance, Co-ordination, Strength & Flexibility • Stress Relief & Feeling of Well Being – Confidence Building • Improved Joint Health & Stability • Improved Poise, Posture & Grace

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